7 signs you've found the right candidate and should stop interviewing

7 Signs You’ve Found the Right Candidate and Should Stop Interviewing

There’s a lot to consider when interviewing candidates for a job. Are they qualified? Do they like the company? Is there chemistry between you? But it can be hard to tell if any of these factors will hold up over time, which is why it’s so important not to rush the hiring process.

The last thing you want is to hire someone who isn’t right for your company or whose skills don’t align with what you need, but you also don’t want to waste time interviewing when you may have already found the right fit for the role!

On average, employers in the UK will interview 6 candidates for every job vacancy they advertise. Here are some signs that indicate it’s time to stop interviewing because you’ve found the right candidate:

1. They Have the Skills You Require

You should be able to tell if a candidate has all the technical competencies and soft skills you require. If they do, they’ll be able to do the job, so move on to the next step.

If not, then it’s time to start asking some tough questions about the areas in which they fall short. You may end up deciding that you need someone who can work in these areas more effectively than this person does.

2. They’re Easy to Talk To

A good sign that you’ve found the right candidate is that they’re easy to talk to. Does your candidate make eye contact? Do they make jokes? Are they respectful and listen to what you have to say? Do they ask questions about the company or position instead of just telling you how great they were at their last job?

It’s also important to note if the candidate has a good sense of self-awareness. If they’re able to identify their strengths, weaknesses and goals for the future, you may have found the right one for the job!

3. You Don’t Want Them to Leave

If you’re so impressed with your interviewee that you don’t want them to leave, this is a great sign that you’ve found the right candidate for the job. If the candidate has shown excitement about your company, and that the role really means something to them (and not just because the salary is good), this is another reason why you should stop interviewing and hire them.

4. The Team Are Excited for Them to Join the Company

If other team members have met this candidate and are excited about them joining the company, then you’re on solid ground to offer the position. First impressions are everything, and if a candidate has given a good impression to your current employees before they’ve even had the chance to get to know one another, they’re likely to make a great addition to the team!

5. They’ve Prepared Thoughtful Questions

It’s easy to tell when a candidate is genuinely interested in your position, but it can be more difficult to tell when they’re merely going through the motions during an interview process.

One of the best signs that you’ve found the right candidate is if the person has been thinking about how their skills and experience would apply to this specific job. They should be able to articulate why they’re excited about it, what excites them, and what questions are on their mind as a result of your conversations so far.

The best candidates will also show interest in your company or team culture by asking thoughtful questions about why certain things are done in certain ways or asking where opportunities might exist within your business.

It’s important not only to find someone who aligns with your values and priorities, but also someone who fits into those values naturally. So keep an eye out for signs that they may not be interested enough to learn more about what makes your workplace unique.

6. There’s Strong Chemistry

If you like the candidate, it’s probably a good sign that your team will too. A strong sense of chemistry between you and the candidate is bound to transfer to your team. Trusting your gut and keeping an open mind when interviewing candidates can help ensure this happens.

You don’t have to be best friends with every single person on your team—optimal relationships are more complex than that—but you should be able to picture yourself working with them for years ahead.

7. They Have Passions Outside of Work

If a candidate is passionate about things outside of work, then they’ll likely be passionate about their job. When interviewing someone, make sure they are passionate about something other than their career. If they can’t come up with anything else to discuss except work, then chances are they won’t be a great fit.

These seven signs are a great way to figure out if your favourite candidate is the right one for you. If you find yourself nodding along with this advice, then it’s time to stop looking and go ahead with hiring that person! And, once you’ve offered them the role, here’s some more tips on how to give interview feedback to your unsuccessful candidates.