A day in the life of a recruitment branch manager, Sammy Taylor Bell

A Day in the Life of a Recruitment Branch Manager: Sammy Taylor-Bell

We caught up with Telford’s Recruitment Branch Manager, Sammy Taylor-Bell, to gain an insight into what her job entails. She talks to us about the busy days, the tough days and the best thing about her role.

How Do You Like to Start Your Day?

I always start my day with a coffee and catch up with all departments to establish what their plan is for their day and if they require any support, then I tackle my emails and make my plan for the day.

What Do You Do When You or the Team Lose Momentum?

I try to ensure that there is laughter in the office!  I encourage people to take a quick break and get some fresh air and take a quick walk.  I like to put different types of competitions in place to ensure everyone is motivated even when times are tough. I will have meetings with team members to discuss how I can help and support them. I encourage the team to strip things back, go back to basics and set small achievable targets.

When is the Busiest Time of the Week for You?

The start of the week tends to be busiest in terms of recruitment due to our timesheet deadlines, checking in new starters and ensuring that everyone knows what they are doing for the week ahead. Fridays tend to be busy too as we are confirming all starters for the following week. I like to catch up with all managers within the branch at the end of the week to discuss staff performance and plan for the following week.

What’s the Best Thing About Being a Branch Manager for Proactive?

I love the variety my role offers, I get to support all our divisions and deal with a variety of clients from sole traders to large corporate businesses. I enjoy problem solving which is a large part of my role. But the best part of my role is staff development, I love seeing people learn and grow. You literally learn something new every day in recruitment!

Do You Have Any Advice for Anyone Starting Out in Recruitment?

Be humble, be prepared to start at the bottom, listen and learn. Allow your personality to shine through as people buy from people and the recruitment role is completely people focussed. Be organised, take notes, use your diary and ALWAYS ask questions.

Sammy started as a Recruitment Consultant over 10 years ago and worked her way up to Branch Manager. Do you think you’re ready to explore the world of recruitment and see where it can take you? If so, we would love to hear from you! Send us your CV.