A common question is how much do recruitment agencies take from wages

Recruitment Agencies Take a Cut of Your Wages… and Other Recruitment Myths

People are often given a lot of incorrect information about recruitment agencies that could potentially lead to them missing out on some great job opportunities. The main question, for example, is “how much do recruitment agencies take from wages?” In this week’s blog post, we will be addressing some of the common misconceptions.

You Have to Pay to Register

Under Conduct Regulations*, it is illegal to charge people to register at an agency or to make an individual pay for and agencies job-finding services. It is a common misconception that we make our money from job-seekers but this isn’t the case! We make our money from companies who have requested our services to help them with their recruitment, often saving them time, stress and money.

* The exception (Reg 26) is agencies that work within the Performing Arts, Modelling or Professional Sports sectors.

Agencies Take a Cut of Your Wage

Again – this is another huge misconception! At Proactive, we can assure you that as well as there being no cost to register, absolutely nothing is taken away from your wages. We invoice our clients for the service that we provide –the pay-rate stated when you apply is what we will pay you.

Once You’re in Temp Work, You’re Ruled-Out for Permanent Positions

This is never the case at Proactive. If long-term work is what you are looking for, our main aim is to secure you a permanent position. If you wish, we may offer you temp contracts as a stop-gap while we find you the perfect permanent role and (with your permission) we will be sending out your CV to other companies offering permanent roles.

Some vacancies work on a temp-to-perm basis, meaning that while you start on a temporary contact, we make it free of charge for our client companies to take you on permanently after 12 weeks. This is a way for both candidates and employers to ensure the job is the right fit before signing a permanent contract.

You Can Only Join One Agency at a Time

As a jobseeker, you are entitled to register with as many agencies as you like! After all, it’s free to do so! However, sometimes it’s best not to sign-up with every agency in the area – we recommend building a great relationship with a Recruitment Consultant. Our consultants like to get to know their candidates really well – so that they can be sure the jobs they recommend for them are a perfect fit and just what they are looking for!

Recruiters Only Care About the Money and Getting Names On the Books

This is not the case at Proactive – we know that a good recruitment agency cares about their candidates. Our 20 years of success in business are the result of providing an honest, ethical and first-class service. All our consultants invest time into their candidates and know that they make their living out of placing candidates into roles that they will love.

Proactive Only Offer Low-Skilled, Low-Paid Jobs

This is certainly a myth! While we do offer some unskilled and Minimum Wage roles (the demand for which is based on economic and market trends), we have hundreds of jobs covering a huge range of skill-levels, sectors and specialisms. Our consultants specialise in the Industrial, Commercial, Technical and Transport divisions.

We hope this has helped to dispel some of the myths that often surround Recruitment Agencies.