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How Our Relationship Started

Having had a previous relationship with the client, we were perfectly positioned to step in and support them with staffing needs at the beginning of the pandemic. 

The client’s HRBP, Lauren, explains, “We didn’t have any agency staff at the time and needed additional support. Having previously worked with Proactive Personnel, they were our go-to agency.”


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The Recruitment Problem

“We needed to make sure we were getting the best fit for our business,” says Laura. “What Proactive do very well, is listen. They hear what we have to say, take feedback very well around where we think we could do things differently. Most recently, our Proactive consultant has worked with our Shift Manager to improve our assessment process of temp workers, to ensure we’re getting the best fit possible for the role and company.”

The Recruitment Solution

During the time we’ve been working with the client, we’ve placed more than 60 people in production and laboratory assistant roles. By getting to know their business and paying close attention to their needs, we’ve sourced and secured exactly the right candidates at exactly the right time.

the recruitment solution, client case study

“Working with Proactive Personnel is easy. Our Consultant and her team have taken the time to build relationships with key managers, not just HR. They are always seeking feedback to ensure the service being provided is satisfying the business needs.”

Lauren, HRBP
Fragrance Manufacturing Business

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