A day in the life of an industrial recruitment consultant

A Day in the Life of an Industrial Recruitment Consultant

Ever wondered what it’s really like to work in recruitment? As Proactive Personnel look to extend their teams in Telford, we thought it’d be great to hear first-hand, what a day in the life of a recruitment consultant is really like. It’s safe to say no two days are the same at Proactive, but each day is as rewarding as the last.

What is an Industrial Recruitment Consultant?

An industrial recruitment consultant plays a crucial role in connecting job seekers with employers in the industrial sector. This sector is made up of businesses that are involved in the production of goods and services, such as factories and other production facilities. 

Industrial Recruitment Consultants have a busy and full-on job. Their main responsibilities include:

  • Identifying suitable candidates through recruitment methods, such as job fairs, online job boards, and personal networks
  • Screening and interviewing candidates to determine their suitability and experience
  • Building and maintaining relationships with both employers and job seekers
  • Advertising job vacancies and managing the recruitment process
  • Negotiating salary and employment terms with employers and candidates
  • Providing support and guidance to both employers and job seekers throughout the hiring process

An industrial recruitment consultant must possess excellent interpersonal skills, have a strong understanding of the industrial sector, and be knowledgeable about UK employment law and regulations.

We asked our Telford Industrial Desk Manager, Helen Green, a few questions about her day, what it entails, what she loves, what she struggles with, and the best thing about being an Industrial Recruitment Consultant.

How Do You Like to Start Your Day?

I always make the office brews first thing (unsure if I drew the short straw here!) then check emails for anything that needs to be actioned as soon as possible. I’ll then catch up with my team and find out their plans for the day ahead.   

When is the Busiest Time of the Week for You?

The beginning and end of the week. At the beginning of each week, we start the day by catching up with anything that’s happened over the weekend and we make sure all new starters have shown up on their first day. At the end of the week, we send out timesheets and catch up with clients about how their week has been.

What’s the Best Thing About Being an Industrial Recruiter for Proactive?

No day is ever the same as the last and that’s what I enjoy. I’ve worked on the industrial desk since I started at Proactive because the department is so… proactive (pardon the pun!). I get to go out on visits with clients, and that’s the best part!

What’s Been Your Biggest Career Highlight so Far?

Becoming a Department Manager, for sure. It’s never something I would have thought I would want. However, it’s definitely changed me and I have to juggle many things, but I like that side of it!

What’s the Biggest Frustration in Your Role?

When candidates let you down or stop answering when you try to contact them, especially when you’ve put in so much hard work from start to finish. You’re then back to square one!

What Skills do you Think it Takes to be a Good Recruitment Consultant?

Don’t take things to heart, as it can set the tone for the rest of the day. Yes, a candidate not turning up for work may really annoy you, but it won’t help if you’re in a mood about it all day! Always build a rapport with both clients and candidates.

Do You Have Any Advice for Anyone Starting Out in Recruitment?

Listen to all advice given, take notes and ask questions if you don’t understand something. Try not to run before you can walk!

During January our Telford office moved to a brand new building that has offered more space and opportunities to expand. We’re also opening another branch in the heart of Oakengates town centre, the place where Proactive first opened its doors 23 years ago!

So if you’ve ever thought about a career in recruitment, we’d love to hear from you. We’re always looking for enthusiastic people who are looking for a new and exciting challenge.

Think recruitment is for you? Click the link below and apply to join our team!