Gender Pay Gap Report

As required under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 we have calculated our gender pay gap for 2020 using data taken as a snapshot on 5/4/2021.

It is useful to distinguish the gender pay gap from equal pay.  Equal pay issues are where men are paid differently to women for the same work or work of an equivalent value.  The gender pay gap involves comparing the pay of men and women working for an organisation regardless of the jobs they do.

This report covers both Proactive Personnel (West Midlands) Ltd and Proactive Personnel Ltd but we have uploaded separate data for each company on the Government Gender Pay Gap reporting website.

Proactive Personnel (West Midlands) Ltd has branches in Cannock, Derby and Wolverhampton.  Proactive Personnel Ltd has branches in Chester, Liverpool, Manchester, Shrewsbury, Stoke, Telford, Warrington and Wrexham.

As a recruitment business, we are required to report data which includes the temporary staff we place with other employers as well as our own staff. Although we ensure that the temporary workers we supply to other employers are paid fairly and in accordance with all legislation including the National minimum wage and Agency workers regulations 2010 we have limited control over the pay and bonus rate arrangements for these workers as the rates are set by the employers using our service.

Looking at Proactive Personnel (West Midlands) Ltd only around 10% of the staff included in the report were staff working for Proactive and the remaining 90% were temporary staff we placed with external employers.

The figures for Proactive Personnel Ltd show that 15% were in-house staff working for Proactive and 85% were temporary staff placed with external employers.

Pay and bonus gap Proactive Personnel West Midlands Ltd

Hourly Rate is3.3% lower than men’s1.9% lower than men’s
Bonus pay is30.1% lower than men’s13.6% lower than men’s
The proportion of men who received a bonus was 46.3% and the proportion of women who received a bonus was 35.1%.

Pay Quartiles

Upper89.7%10.3 %
Upper Middle69.8%30.2%
Lower Middle81.6%18.4%

Pay and bonus gap Proactive Personnel Ltd

Hourly Rate is6.2% higher0.9% lower than men’s
Bonus pay is57.5% lower than men’s82.2% higher than men’s
37.6% of men received a bonus and 39.6% of women received a bonus.

Pay Quartiles

Upper Middle81.6%18.4%
Lower Middle82.1%17.9%


The figures are heavily affected by the high percentage of temporary workers we place with external employers.  Each of our branches works with a different mix of employers and if we start supplying a large number of temporary staff to a new employer who pays particularly high or low rates this has a significant impact on the overall figures.

The high proportion of male staff shown is largely influenced by the fact that some of our branches specialise in sectors such as engineering, construction and HGV driving which tend to be male-dominated.  These sectors are also more likely to pay bonuses than for example our commercial sector where the majority of positions are office/administration based roles and tend to be more female-dominated – this helps to explain the discrepancy in the percentages of men and women who received bonuses in Proactive Personnel West Midlands Ltd. We are confident that there are no equal pay issues and that our pay and bonus structures are clear, fair and understood by all staff.

As a company we pride ourselves on training, developing and retaining our staff. We are currently training around 20 of our in house staff via the apprenticeship programme and we see this as a vital tool in nurturing our own in house talent.  Promoting from within is our ethos and the majority of our in-house senior staff began their career with Proactive as junior members of staff and have been trained and developed to progress into management roles within the company. I can confirm that the data reported is accurate.

Kevin Humphreys

General Manager, 2 February 2022