How to Stay Motivated in the Run Up to Christmas

How to Stay Motivated in the Run Up to Christmas

As the festive season fast approaches, there are so many distractions that are thrown our way; Christmas events, endless shopping lists and making careful plans for the most wonderful time of the year! It can be easy to start your wind-down early and you can easily start to lose both your focus and your motivation.

In this blog post we will be going over some of the key ways you can stay motivated both in and out of work during the festive period.

Try and Avoid Multi-Tasking 

As hard as this may be in a busy working environment, try just doing one job at a time and getting it done to a high standard. It is scientifically proven that multi-tasking reduces your efficiency and your overall performance at work because your brain can only properly focus on one thing at a time. Use lists and set deadlines to help you keep focused and on track with each task.

Scrap the Sugar

Although it is so much easier said than done, especially when the office is full of mince-pies, chocolate tins and endless boxes of biscuits… but by refraining from too much of the sweet stuff, you will avoid the inevitable highs and lows in your blood sugar. These can lead to low mood, a shorter attention span and therefore, a more reactive than proactive day… which nobody wants! Try snacking on things like fruit and nuts, which are a great source of long-lasting energy that will keep you fuelled for the rest of your day and ultimately help you be more productive!

Use Your Holiday

If you have some spare holiday days left and you’re approaching the end of the year… use them! By having a couple of days-off over the busy Christmas period, it gives you a great chance to recharge and refresh yourself. Go out and focus on your Christmas shopping or spend some quality time with your family and close friends and enjoy the countdown to Christmas stress-free!

Try Not to Over Commit

With all the exciting events that the festive season springs upon us, it can be easy to say yes to absolutely everything that gets offered to you. It is vital to ensure you keep some free-time to yourself where you can properly unwind and get some much-needed rest – it is okay to say ‘no’ to something if you don’t really want to be there! Burning the candle at both ends is never the best thing for your work or personal life.

Get into the Festive Spirit!

Getting excited for Christmas can have a real positive effect on your performance at work and can be a great morale-boost for staff! A ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ can be a great way of raising some money for a charity and there can even be a reward for the colleague with the best jumper… who said work can’t be fun!