Right to work changes taking affect October 1st 2022

Changes to Right to Work Checks from October 1st 2022

As we enter the last quarter of 2022, we find ourselves hanging up the masks and getting back to the social norms we came to forget during the Pandemic. Just as we were getting used to the ‘new normal’ over the past couple of years, we now find ourselves having to remember how life was before COVID-19. However, the return to ‘normal’ means the return to normal rules, which were for a short time put on hold.

For us here at Proactive, we’re seeing more and more candidates becoming comfortable with walking into branch, again, to register for work. With most of our registrations being done online over the last two years, it’s nice to meet our candidates in person, once again.

Before COVID-19, face-to-face registrations meant that we could check and validate ID in person when a candidate came into the branch to register. As this became more difficult to do, once social distancing and staying at home was introduced, the Government allowed us to accept uploaded copies of identification for candidates (IDVT). This rule helped us hugely throughout the pandemic, as it meant we could still find jobs for candidates across our branch network.

Right to Work Rule Changes

So what does the October 1st Right to Work rule change mean?

Personal Verification

From the 1st October 2022, Proactive Personnel need to ensure we’re following the new Government guidelines around Right to Work. This means for future registrations, online or in person, we need to verify a candidate’s ID in person, if they have a British or Irish Passport.

We understand for some candidates coming into a local Branch may not be an option, so in these instances, we’ll arrange for a consultant to be onsite to validate ID before candidates start work.

However for candidates where a Right to Work check will be conducted through the Home Office Right to Work online service — as this offers in real time information — we do not require an in-person verification of ID.

No Change to Registrations

When it comes to registering, the process will remain relatively the same. ID will still need to be uploaded when registering online, with the only change being we will need to check in person, when we’re required to do so.

What You Need to do as a Candidate

As a candidate registering with us, not much will change.

When meeting with us to register for work, please bring with you:

  • ID (Either of the following)
    • British or Irish Passport
    • Birth Certificate with proof of National Insurance number (British residence)
    • Passport and Right to Work share code
    • Residence Permit
    • Driving License (Drivers only)
    • CPC and DIGI card for HGV drivers (Drivers only)
    • Drivers satnav (HGV)
  • Bank account details
  • National Insurance Number
  • CV or work history
  • References
  • Emergency contact details
  • Any relevant certificates e.g. FLT Licence

When registering with us online via a link we’ll send to you, please ensure you have the following things handy:

  • A clear picture of ID (Stated above. Please note this is for reference only. Original will need to be verified in person)
  • An up to date CV document
  • Copies of licenses or clear photographs
  • Right to Work Share Code
  • Driving Licence (Drivers only)
  • CPC and DIGI card for HGV drivers (Drivers only)
  • Proof of Drivers satnav (HGV)