Work Christmas Party Ideas

10 Work Christmas Party Ideas to Engage Your Employees

If you’re looking for ways to engage your employees and make them feel special, an amazing work Christmas party is key.

The Christmas party should give your company the chance to thank its employees for their hard work over the past year. It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate achievements and for staff to let their hair down!

Read on to discover:

·      What makes a great work Christmas party

·      How to make yours unique and memorable

·      10 ideas for a fun and inclusive work do

·      Great party icebreakers for your teams

What Makes a Great Christmas Work Do?

A great Christmas Work Do should ultimately engage your employees; this means it should be fun, inclusive and memorable (for all the right reasons!).

So how do you make sure your Christmas party is one that will end the year in the best possible way?

A great Christmas Work Do is:

Well-planned Planning is key for a successful work Christmas party. Whatever the scale and size of your celebration, it’s essential that a good amount of thought and preparation goes into the occasion. Nothing demotivates staff more than a badly thought-out party. Think about running orders, entertainment, extra touches and of course – the food and drink. Are a few stale snacks and flat fizz going leave your team feeling appreciated? Probably not.

Inclusive – Perhaps the most important thing to consider; is your event inclusive? Is there food available for all dietary requirements? Are you offering alcohol-free options? Are the activities suitable for all? Have you considered your disabled and neurodiverse staff? Making sure your work Christmas party is inclusive, is easier than you might think.

Original – While a Christmas party package from a hotel or pub can work well, the same old dinner and dancing each year can become repetitive. Think about how you can mix it up! Whether it’s a fun activity, a new theme or a special surprise, it’s these little extras that will leave your employees talking for months to come.

Office Christmas Party Ideas

If you need inspiration for your office Christmas party, here are 10 engaging ideas for celebrating with your employees. Make it a night to remember!

 1.   Give Your Work Christmas Party a Theme

A theme is a great way to set the tone for your Christmas party and establish a great atmosphere, as well as plenty of fun for your employees. A theme can help you to make decisions on all elements of the party – from food to entertainment – and even dress code or costumes.

Themes can be a great way of drumming up excitement before the event, by sending out themed invitations to all staff.

Some great ideas for party themes include:

·      A casino night

·      Christmas carnival

·      Ugly Christmas jumpers (you can go all out with super ugly but fun decorations, too)

·      Festive movies (staff can dress up as their favourite Christmas characters)

For a truly unique evening, your company could host a Christmas Murder Mystery! Whatever you choose, make sure everything you do is cohesive with the theme and your party is sure to be a hit.

2. Do it for Charity

Including a charity element to your work Christmas party is a great way to engage your staff. It gets everyone involved in making a difference for a great cause. After all, it’s the season of giving!

A charity event is a great way of bringing teams together. Perhaps consider a silent auction or raffle with amazing prizes. This is bound to build a buzz amongst your teams, too.

You could also include games or activities, where a small donation to charity is required to take part. Think fun competitions or carnival-style games.

The charitable theme can be as big or as small as you like. You could ask guests to bring a small gift for a local homeless charity (a great alternative to Secret Santa) or host a full-blown Charity ball.

3. Prepare a Treasure Hunt

A work Christmas party is a great way of building team dynamics and encouraging colleagues from across offices to mix and bond. A Christmas treasure hunt makes for a truly unique party.

With a little planning, a treasure hunt is a simple way of bringing fun, excitement and teamwork to your event. All you need are some hidden festive items, someone to give out clues about where those items are located, and a timer. Employees can work together in teams to find all the items within a set time limit. The team that finds the most items wins!

4. A Night Full Of Surprises

There’s nothing more exciting than a work Christmas party that keeps your employees guessing. Surprises are a great way to keep party-goers engaged and will ensure a night that everyone is talking about when they return to work.

Surprises can take any form you like – from small and thoughtful to something more spectacular or funny! Great ideas for surprise entertainment include:

·      A magician

·      Circus performers

·      An unexpected live band or tribute act

·      Photo booth

·      Singing waiters (these went down a storm at our latest Christmas party!)

Small touches can be just as memorable, too, like personalised party favours or even a voucher hidden under each seat. These surprises are a great way to make staff feel appreciated.

5. Include an Awards Ceremony

Combining your work Christmas party with an awards ceremony helps to reinforce your company culture and make staff feel valued.

As well as various achievement awards, you could give out fun and light-hearted prizes, too. Give a trophy to the best dressed, office joker or biggest daredevil – get creative with your categories!

6. Christmas Escape Room

If you’ve ever been to an escape room, you’ll know they’re great fun and a unique way to work on team building.

Why not mix things up by basing your work Christmas party around a festive-themed escape room? This works particularly well with smaller teams. Escape rooms are brilliant fun, whilst encouraging your employees to get out of their comfort zone and work together.

With an escape room, your employees are tasked with solving puzzles and riddles, They need to find their way out of the room within an allotted time frame.

Search locally for nearby Christmas-themed escape rooms or hire a venue and create your own. Then, celebrate victory with food and drink afterwards!

7. Get Creative with Workshops

If you’re looking for something creative to do with your employees this Christmas, why not host a cooking or craft workshop? These events are fun and interactive, and can be tailored to suit the size and needs of your team.

This type of Christmas party can be hosted in your office or in an external venue if you need a little more space. Make sure there’s room for everyone to participate and be as ambitious as you like. Involve an external tutor if you wish!

Then provide an area where your employees can sit and eat together.. This encourages colleagues to relax and enjoy the fruits of their labour. You could even choose an international theme and create festive dishes from countries around the world.

Alternatively, hold a craft session instead. This could involve making wreaths or Christmas decorations; a great choice for creative teams!

8. Christmas Cocktail Masterclass

If your team is more inclined to drink and be merry, a cocktail masterclass will bring the team together whilst they sip on their DIY drinks.

Employees will have fun as they’re taught how to master mixology. Many classes can be based around a festive theme, with warming winter tipples and sparkly Christmas cocktails. Brilliant for team bonding, with plenty of laughs to be had, as guests try their hand at pouring, mixing and decorating.

Make sure you offer up delicious mocktail recipes for your non-drinkers.

 9. Christmas Movie Night

Who doesn’t love a good Christmas movie? This is a theme you can really go to town with. Employees can vote for their favourite festive film and then receive tickets to your very own movie screening.

Make it opulent with a red carpet, champagne and a formal movie premiere dress code. Alternatively, opt for something more whimsical with fancy-dress and classic cinema snacks. Did someone say popcorn and hotdogs?

10. Don’t Forget the Icebreakers

Icebreakers are always a good idea at any event, whether your employees are from across the country or work together daily.

Good icebreakers get people talking. They provide an opportunity for colleagues to introduce themselves and feel more comfortable. Light-hearted 60-second games are a good place to start and you can always add a festive twist. How about Christmas bingo, charades, blindfolded cookie decorating, or a gift-wrapping challenge?

End the Year With a Great Staff Christmas Party

Your staff Christmas party is an important part of your corporate culture. It’s a traditional way to thank employees who’ve worked hard and to show appreciation for their efforts throughout the year.

A good work Christmas party can result in increased morale, as well as happier employees who’ll feel motivated and ready for the new work year ahead.

Whatever your budget, all that matters is your Christmas party is inclusive, well-planned, and fun for everyone involved. We hope these ideas have helped to inspire a memorable celebration for you and your employees this year.

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