how to write a cv when you have no experience

Writing a CV with No Experience

Are you wondering how to write a CV with no experience in the industry that you are applying for? This is a tricky situation for job seekers who are looking to change their current industry or for people who are just wanting to take their first step on the career ladder.

Lots of job seekers find themselves in a difficult cycle of not being able to secure the job that they would like due to the fact that they have no experience… ultimately this means they aren’t getting any closer to gaining the relevant experience either. Getting your foot in the door can be very challenging. So, here are our tips on how to write a CV, even if you are lacking in experience.

1. Identify Your Strengths

Your CV doesn’t have to be completely work-related, lots of employers want to get to know you as a person. Some good points to put down on your CV might include achievements that you feel are relevant or showcase your key skills or attributes… this might be charity work, volunteering hobbies or anything else that you think an employer might want to know about you. If you are thinking about switching industries, try talking about projects/ previous jobs that you have done in the past that might involve some skills relevant to the new industry that you are looking to move into.

2. Make Sure You Have a Good CV Layout

When it comes to writing your CV, you don’t have to follow the standard procedure of stating all your past employment history in chronological order, this can highlight the fact that you might not have much experience. If you think this might be your case… try following a ‘functional CV’ this highlights your skills rather than your work history. If you attach a strong cover letter to this type of CV it can look really good. If you are knowledgeable or have researched a particular industry (even if you don’t have the physical experience), a cover letter can be a great way to convey this!

3. Keep it Clear

If you don’t have a huge amount to bulk out your CV with… don’t do it! Although it’s tempting to try and compensate for not having much experience, employers are likely to not bother reading through long paragraphs and drawn-out points. Instead try and keep things easy to read, make sure you are highlighting important details with short, snappy points! You want to make your key information as easy to find as possible.

To conclude, getting a new job without the relevant experience can be very tricky, but if you know how to write a good CV you’ll be much more likely to get an interview- and this is when you can really shine. For advice on how to stand out for all the right reasons, click here.

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